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  •   Introducing menique women’s bottoms that bridge the gap between regular and activewear. Whether you are heading to the gym or lounging on the couch, our ultra-soft workout leggings are made to give you the freedom to move and tackle any challenge that comes in your way. The extraordinary apparel that works for every sort of frame.

    Sleek and flattering, the must-have staple offers all the advantages of 100% Merino wool – moisture-wicking, warming, breathable, and odor-resistant. Moreover, the fabric tends not to create static electricity, meaning yoga leggings are stainproof and attracts less dust or mud particles. At that point, the lounge pants stay clean and scent-free for days or weeks of wear, when properly cared for. For a compressive yet not-too-tight feel, the wool leggings keep their color and shape, even after a dozen of washes.

    Designed for:
    🧘 starting a workout routine
    🚶‍♀️ casual walking around
    🚗 taking a last-minute road trip
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    Yoga Legging for WomanThermal Base Layer Fleece Leggings - Royal Cherry

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